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March 3, 2011 by · 3 Comments 

The Parents Television Council is employing a new tactic in its effort to shut down the MTV series Skins, which, it contends, is a corrupting influence on young viewers. While in the past, the organization has asked its 1.3 million members to send their complaints about such programs to the FCC and to advertisers, it is now asking them to direct their protest to shareholders of MTV’s parent, Viacom. Noting that MTV continues to air the series despite the fact that the number of viewers has shrunk from 3.3 million to less than 1 million and that, according to the New York Post, MTV is losing $2 million per episode, the PTC concluded, “The only viewers that have stuck around are the 12-17 year-olds MTV tried to claim were not the target audience.” (It provided no ratings data to support that assertion.) It went on: “In allowing one of its properties, MTV, to continue to air a program that is losing the company money, Viacom is in breach of its fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders.”

  • Vince

    Oh here they go again

  • Uyrurdjrudur

    Who cares? Let the kids fuck like rabbits.

  • Justin

    Television is getting creepier and greasier. I expect to see producers running around in a van near playgrounds next. I saw the show, it was terrible.