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In Day 3 of the secondary war in Libya being waged between CNN and Fox News, Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan on Wednesday fired back at CNN’s Nic Robertson who had said that he had seen Harrigan more often at the hotel for breakfast than out in the field reporting. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Harrigan responded, “For someone to say I’m lazy who doesn’t know me, who’s not in our working condition, who doesn’t know our schedule, this guy has a screw loose.” As for Robertson’s own work, Harrigan allowed that while he may be “a hard worker,” he’s “dull. I fall asleep when he gives a report.” (Jon Stewart on Comedy Central Wednesday night lampooned the CNN-Fox News duel, while Stephen Colbert came to the unsolicited defense of Harrigan by addressing Robertson this way: “How dare you attack this good man! Just because you only see him at breakfast doesn’t mean he’s not risking his life. Do you know how much cholesterol those bacon and eggs have?”)