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An al-Jazeera cameraman has been shot and killed in an apparent ambush attack as he was returning from covering an anti-Gaddafi protest near the town of Benghazi, which is under the control of rebels. Al-Jazeera said that an on-air correspondent was also shot and has been hospitalized. Wadah Khanfar, director-general of al-Jazeera attributed the killing of Ali Hassan al-Jaber, a Qatari national, to “an unprecedented campaign” by the Gaddafi regime that is “targeting al-Jazeera and its staff.” Late Sunday a throng of people in Benghazi held a banner in front of news cameras reading, “Here and now, Libyan and Qatari blood is mixed for the sake of freedom. Our condolences go to the Qatari people and the al- Jazeera channel.”