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March 1, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

Editor’s Note:
While it is tempting to participate in the media’s rubbernecking of the Charlie Sheen pileup, Studio Briefing has decided to opt out and limit our coverage of it only to its commercial effects. We fully agree with Mediaite.com’s Washington correspondent Tommy Christopher, who wrote Monday that those interviewers who are featuring Sheen on their programs are “not just pointing at Charlie Sheen’s self-immolation, they are throwing gasoline on it, and with Sheen’s distress as obvious as it is, making accomplices of the audience.” A similar point was made by Ben Grossman, editor-in-chief of Broadcasting & Cable magazine, who on Monday called on ABC to cancel tonight’s 20/20 interview with Sheen and issue a statement along the following lines: “After further review and internal discussion, ABC News has decided not to run the Charlie Sheen interview as planned. As it has become apparent that Mr. Sheen is in need of help, this news organization will not exploit his condition for ratings and we feel at this point airing this interview is not a legitimate news story. We wish him the best of luck going forward.” In his conclusion, Grossman took “the entire media industry” to task for “celebrating the sad effects of an illness. And that is not a healthy way to do business.”