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Now there’s a Netflix for independent movie fans. It’s called Fandor, which was unveiled this week at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival in Austin, TX. For $10.00 per month subscribers to the service can have unlimited access to features, shorts, documentaries, and foreign-language films. Or, as Fandor cofounder Dan Aronson told ArsTechnica.com, “We’re trying to replicate the film festival experience where you can discover and share great films that aren’t marketed to you by the Hollywood mainstream.” While other video websites, including YouTube, offer independent films, Fandor boasts that it already has 2,500 films available. “That’s huge compared to other sites!” Aronson told ArsTechnica. What is also unique about Fandor is that fans can post clips of the movies onto their Facebook walls. “Instead of someone marketing specific trailers to you, your friend could share a certain scene instead,” Aronson told the website. “That kind of visual word of mouth will be really powerful in getting people to care about independent films.”