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Critics aren’t exactly beating up on Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. But most aren’t coming to its defense either. “About the most you can say for it is that it’s inoffensive, which isn’t necessarily what you want in a movie about the humiliations of being a seventh grader with a bullying older brother,” writes Mike Hale in the New York Times. “As kids’ entertainment, Rodrick Rules is harmless enough,” says Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel. “But it’s less broad than the first film and less funny.” Without so much as a spoiler alert, Kyle Smith in the New York Post warns parents what they can expect to see if they take their kids to this movie. “This time out, the name of the game is contrived physical comedy and gross-out gags — eating pizza that, unbeknownst to the diner, was discarded by others at the rubbish bin, or sitting on a melted candy bar in the car on the way to church. The latter leads to unfair charges of poopy pants.” Well, Tom Russo in the Boston Globe says that that sort of stuff is “all good fun for the kids.” And Carrie Rickey in the Philadelphia Inquirer goes further, writing “Here’s a tween comedy you don’t have to be a tween to enjoy.”