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Response to Time Warner Cable’s new iPad app, which allows TWC’s subscribers access to 32 channels on their tablet devices, was so overwhelming when it debuted on Tuesday that the demand crashed the cable company’s servers, the company acknowledged Wednesday. TWC was able to restore service by removing 17 of those channels from the system for a time. Some 79,696 iPad users downloaded the app on Tuesday, making it the most popular app of the day, according to the cable company. Currently Time Warner Cable customers may only access programs within their homes (although some content providers have objected even to this self-imposed restriction, insisting that their deals with Time Warner do not extend beyond the cable box). In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Time Warner Cable spokesman Alex Dudley said, “We’re not surprised that some content companies have issues with this, but the only issue our customers are asking about is why they can’t do this outside their home, and we think that’s really a question for the content providers.”