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David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron has indicated that Parliament should take over the business of writing privacy laws that have recently been reinterpreted by British courts. His remarks, in an interview with the London Independent, came following a ruling this week that barred a woman from selling “intimate photographs” that she had taken of an unnamed married TV star on the grounds that the woman owed the man “a duty of confidence” and that publication of the photographs would be damaging to the health of the man and his family. Said Cameron: “The judges are creating a sort of privacy law whereas what ought to happen in a parliamentary democracy is Parliament, which you elect and put there, should decide how much protection we want for individuals and how much freedom of the press and the rest of it. So I am a little uneasy about what is happening.” He added: “It might be odd to hear it, but I don’t really have the answer to this one, I need to do some more thinking about it. It is an odd situation if the judges are making the law rather than Parliament.”