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CBS News issued a surprisingly terse statement about Katie Couric’s departure: “There’s a lot to be proud of during Katie Couric’s time at Evening News. CBS News, like Katie herself, is looking forward to the next chapter,” the statement said. Also surprising was that Couric made her decision “official” in a statement to People magazine and not through network channels. In a scathing commentary about the announcements, Baltimore Sun TV columnist David Zurawik suggested that Couric deserved none of the usual encomiums that are bestowed on high-profile personalities upon their departure. “With her in the chair, CBS News was a step behind everyone else on most major stories. It’s [sic] political coverage in 2010 was absolutely dead in the water. She came in complaining about not wanting to travel for stories that she didn’t think warranted her presence, and she was never busier than at the end in recent months when she was looking for a new job and talking about all the things she wanted to do other than anchor the evening news.” Couric is currently in London covering the royal nuptials.