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April 26, 2011 by · 4 Comments 

A.J. Cook

Paget Brewster

In an unusual, if not unprecedented, turnaround, two stars of the CBS series Criminal Minds who were fired before the start of the current season, have been offered their jobs back, the Los Angeles Times reported today (Tuesday). One of them, A.J. Cook, has accepted and will return in May. The other, Paget Brewster, may return if the pilot of a sitcom she starred in, My Life as an Experiment, is not picked up. Both actresses told the Times that they did not understand why they were dropped from the hit series to begin with. Salary “negotiations hadn’t been contentious,” the Times observed, “and their two characters were considered fan favorites.” Indeed a “Save the Actresses” petition campaign that sprang up after the firings collected nearly 60,000 signatures. It reads in part: “It is a travesty of modern society that a network would make such a blatantly sexist decision.”