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Viacom repeatedly posted its own videos on Google-owned YouTube, then sent notices to YouTube demanding that they be taken down, Google claimed in a filing last week. The statement was filed in connection with Viacom’s appeal of 2010 ruling that YouTube cannot be held responsible for illegal videos posted on its site if they are removed upon the request of the copyright holder. “Viacom mistakenly sued over many videos that it was responsible for uploading.” Google said in its filing. Moreover, it maintained, YouTube has removed every infringing video once copyright holders complained. “Plaintiffs cannot point to a single clip that YouTube knew was infringing but did not take down.,” it said. Google asked the appeals court to uphold the lower court decision, which held that copyright owners should be held responsible for policing their content on YouTube. “That was the only sensible approach: copyright holders are the ones in a position to know what material they own, what they have licensed, and where they want their works to appear online,” the filing said.