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In yet another effort to slow runaway production to other states and countries, the Location Managers Guild of America, aided by the California Film Commission, is organizing tours of areas in the southeastern part of Los Angeles County for studio location managers and producers. As reported by today’s (Wednesday) Los Angeles Times, the tour takes location-site scouts to such cities as Cerritos, Bellflower, Lakewood and Long Beach, where they can get a look at everything from bustling opera houses, to vacant department stores to homeless shelters. “There are over 90 cities within the zone … that are not recognized by the filming community and have so much to offer and have amazing locations,” said Kris Bunting, a former key assistant location manager for Dexter, who has been organizing the tours of the area. “We want to put them on the map.” While the cities may not offer the tax incentives that some states do, the Times observed, they do offer advantages such as low permit fees, low-cost parking, and communities where filmmakers, and the business they bring with them, are welcomed.