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Ordinarily, critics pull their punches when they’re writing about relatively low-budget animated movies aimed at kids. After all, what may seem lame to an adult just might delight little tykes. They are not so generous in their reviews of Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil. Consider Kyle Smith’s opening shot in the New York Post: “Parents should take their children to Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil, if only because kids are never too young to learn the important and liberating skill of walking out of a movie and demanding a refund.” He goes on: “Such a shambles is the story that it could have been the work of Julie Taymor [the creative director behind the disastrous Spider-Man musical on Broadway].” Especially harsh, you say? Well, consider these words about the movie from Claudia Puig of USA Today: “Hoodwinked Too!Hood vs. Evil is memorable for being one of the most obnoxious animated movies of recent years. If ever there was a movie that should have gone straight to video — or better yet, never have been made — this is it.” Of all the major newspaper critics, only Bruce Demara of the Toronto Star has anything nice to say about the movie. His conclusion: “The pace is quick and the mood is light in a film that will keep the youngsters engaged while giving adults some reasons to smile.” (Trailer)