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It’s certainly not often that one actor stars in the top two films at the box office (researchers are probably scrambling to see whether such a finish has ever occurred before), but Russell Brand nabbed that honor this weekend. [Update: Final figures released on Monday put Arthur in third place, not second; see below.] He provided the voice for the animated bunny in Universal’s Hop, which earned an estimated $21.7 million, and starred in the Dudley Moore role in the remake of Arthur, which made about $12.6 million. Neither result could be considered impressive, although Hop fell only 42 percent from last weekend. But Arthur –and just about every other film in the top ten — performed, well, blandly. Exceptions were Focus Features’ Hanna, a low-budget thriller that got off to a fine start with around $12.3 million, and the faith-based Soul Surfer from Sony, which debuted with $11.1 million. Everything else ended up with single digits, including the Natalie Portman/James Franco flick Your Highness, which tanked with $9.5 million. Not counting the Presidents Day holiday, which fell on a different weekend this year than last, the box office has been down every week this year compared with a year ago. This weekend was no exception. Overseas, however, the animated Rio, which does not open domestically until next Friday (timed to coincide with spring vacations in many areas), flew off nicely in 72 countries to the tune of $55 million. 3D theaters accounted for 71 percent of the gross.

The top ten films for the weekend, according to studio estimates compiled by Box Office Mojo:
1. Hop, $21.7 million; 2. Arthur, $12.6 million; 3. Hanna, $12.3 million; 4. Soul Surfer, $11.1 million; 5. Insidious, $9.7 million; 6. Your Highness, $9.5 million; 7. Source Code, $9.1 million; 8. Limitless, $5.7 million; 9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, $4.9 million; 10. The Lincoln Lawyer, $4.6 million.

Final Figures for the Top Five Films

1. Hop, $21,298,240
2. Hanna, $12,379,079
3. Arthur, $12,222,756
4. Soul Surfer, $10,601,862
5. Insidious, $9,371,769