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Fox News anchor Shepard Smith risked alienating the radical fringe of conservative viewers that his channel often attracts when he castigated Donald Trump for his victory proclamation on Wednesday. Following the release of President Obama’s “long form” birth certificate, Trump held a news conference to say, “I’m very proud. I’m honored. I have accomplished something really, really important. I was able to get (the president) to finally come out with a birth certificate. I take great credit.” Said Smith: “They were just rumors; they were never anything else. Yet the media let it continue … [despite the fact that there was] a lot more evidence that the president was a citizen than there was that Trump’s ever going to run for anything.” Smith continued: “You think this is over? This is not over. Because it’s working. It’s allowing people who are looking for a reason … to dislike and distrust the president to have something that’s crazy and conspiratorial. … It’s from crazyland, and we’re going to leave it there.” On Fox Business Network, however, host Eric Bolling interviewed Birther crusader Pamela Geller, who maintained that the new birth certificate was altered. Bolling’s own conclusion: “It may or may not be [altered] but it certainly opens up the can of worms that there are at least questions for it.” At Daily Variety, Brian Lowry commented, “Anyone who provides any additional coverage of this story — regardless of who is expressing their skepticism — ought to drummed out of the journalism community. Or worse, strapped into a chair and forced to watch Celebrity Apprentice.” But former Clinton strategist Doug Schoen, commented on the Fox News site: “It is not lost on any potential candidate that Trump moved to the top of the Republican polls, based on his allegations. This underscored the fact that Trump is the only potential Republican candidate out there offering straight talk and confronting the Obama directly. The rest of the field will learn from this.”