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Talk about buzzkill! Britain’s Guardian newspaper has lampooned the current marketing campaign for Friday’s release of The Avengers. It notes that the studio has been stridently promoting its own promo for the movie — a poster. “It is, without question, the most exciting picture of four empty chairs that the world has ever seen,” the Guardian observes. “And it’s packed with all sorts of tasty information, too. For example, careful examination of the photo reveals that Iron Man, Thor, the Incredible Hulk and Captain America will all appear in The Avengers, and also that these characters will all have arses and should therefore be able to sit in chairs. Spoiler alert!” Then again, the newspaper suggests, the campaign just might pan out — “Maybe excited teenagers around the world are currently texting each other things like ‘Did you see that photo?'” — and if so, it goes on, it all might lead to “a world where news stories would announce the imminent arrival of news stories that would announce the imminent arrival of a countdown to a trailer, or teaser photos of chair legs designed to whet our appetite for full photos of empty chairs.”