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Kenneth Branagh, the improbable director of Marvel’s latest superhero flick Thor, is taking no bets on whether the movie will get Hollywood’s summer season off the ground when it debuts on Friday. “I’m immune to the idea of how to second-guess what an audience would spend its money on,” he told Reuters. “I can only come from the position of what I think is right for the story, and sometimes in the past I’ve got that right, and sometimes I’ve been wrong.” The film has already debuted solidly overseas, where it has taken in about $93 million over the past two weeks. “As thrilled as we are with the way it seems to be going now, it will be a few weeks before we understand the financial and creative fate of the movie,” Branagh said — a reference to the fact that it reportedly cost $150 million to produce and that it deals with a character that is not a superhero by accident but is one out of the box. “Here we have a superhero with those powers — a God indeed — who has to lose everything and engage with our audience,” Branagh said.