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May 12, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

A Swiss journalist whose interviews with some of America’s top celebrities appeared in leading magazines throughout the world for years — before it was discovered that he had been making all of them up — has become the subject of a documentary produced by one of his victims. Miklós Gimes, the former deputy editor of Das Magazin, the Saturday supplement of the Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger, told Britain’s Guardian newspaper that he wanted to learn how Tom Kummer, someone with both literary and intellectual talent, ended up selling fiction as fact. He particularly recalled Kummer’s interview with Mike Tyson who, among other things, revealed that he ate cockroaches in jail “for the protein.” Courtney Love talked about how she thrived on “disillusionment … joyless sex, reincarnation,” while Bruce Willis said that man advances not “through morality, but immorality, vices, cynicism.” So how did Kummer get away with putting those words into their mouths? In an email interview with the Guardian he said that all of the magazine editors “loved my stuff and I guess they were addicted to some kind of illusion that stars should talk like I made them talk. … I was convinced that the editors knew everything — nobody asked for tapes, nobody asked for any kind of proof for more than six years. … I was playing the violin for them.”