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May 6, 2011 by · 4 Comments 

Several critics are expressing sympathy for Kate Hudson for having had to make the most of a role in a dreadful wedding-day-themed movie. “If it weren’t so sad watching her pick away at this skimpy, overlong romantic lie, she might be entertaining,” writes Wesley Morris in the Boston Globe. Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun Times argues: “One of the curious problems with Something Borrowed is that Kate Hudson’s performance is too effective.” He explains that Hudson plays her role “so well that she almost forces the film apart at the seams; her character is too strong for it.” Claudia Puig in USA Today remarks that Hudson’s “obnoxious bridezilla roles make no use of the gently ditzy comic talent she displayed more than a decade ago in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous.” But A.O. Scott comments in the New York Times: “Liberated from the role of ingénue, Ms. Hudson is a whirlwind of brassy vulgarity, but her good-humored, unembarrassed energy only highlights the dire timidity of the movie itself. She acts almost as if this were a real comedy.” The movie received not a single positive review from a major newspaper critic.