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Among the four major television networks, NBC remains a distant fourth in the ratings, but a week ago Sunday night, when coverage began of President Obama’s announcement of the killing of Osama bin Laden, television viewers overwhelmingly punched up NBC on their remotes, relegating the other networks to also-rans. As reported by the New York Times, which cited figures from TVB, a broadcasters’ trade group, NBC attracted !2.8 million viewers. ABC and CNN tied for second place with 9.5 million. CBS drew 8.2 million, while the Fox broadcast network attracted 3.2 million. Another 2.8 million watched on Spanish-language Univision. The TVB figures also revealed that most viewers who tuned in to the coverage — some 70 percent — watched it on one of the broadcast networks, not on cable. Meanwhile, Nielsen said today (Monday) that 13.79 million viewers watched Sunday night’s edition of 60 Minutes, which featured Steve Kroft’s interview with President Obama about the raid on Obama’s compound. That was followed by the two-hour season-finale of The Amazing Race with 8.91 million viewers, and, at 10:00 p.m.,the season finale of CSI Miami with 9.69 million viewers.