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TiVo, which last week settled a lawsuit against DISH for $500 million and has other lawsuits alleging patent infringement pending, may find that those lawsuits are its best hope for continued survival. In an SEC filing on Tuesday, TiVo said that it lost an additional 88,000 subscribers in its last quarter. Some analysts have noted that TiVo’s latest model DVRs, which have the ability to record and/or stream video over the Internet from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other video sites, are lying unsold on dealers’ shelves. Bill Gorman, founder of, which focuses on TV industry data, said on the website Tuesday that TiVo now has about the same number of subscribers that it did in mid-2004 — some 1.96 million — with numbers falling in virtually every consecutive quarter. He suggested that TiVo focus its efforts on licensing its DVR technology to other companies. “TiVo has no business left selling DVR hardware,” he wrote, “and is completely irrelevant in the DVR sales marketplace. For the most recent quarter, it only sold about 300 of its own TiVo DVRs each day.” In a statement on Tuesday TiVo CEO Tom Rogers appeared to acknowledge his company’s predicament — and its potential. The DISH settlement, he said, “highlights the significant value of our intellectual property and creates a recurring high margin licensing revenue stream that greatly enhances our financial profile.”