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While CNN continues to struggle to stay out of last place among its cable news competitors — it landed on the bottom on Monday night — it handily beats not only them but also virtually every other news organization online. Citing comScore studies, Simon Owens, in an article for Harvard’s NiemanLab, noted on Tuesday that during the first three months of this year, CNN averaged 8.5 million unique U.S. visitors a day, versus MSNBC’s 7.4 million and Fox News’s 2.3 million. Owens further obtained charts from comScore showing CNN with 75.9 million U.S. visitors; MSNBC with 51 million; AOL News with 40 million; NYTimes with 32.9 million; Fox News with 20 million; and CBS News with 16.4 million. Only Yahoo! News Network, with 88 million, exceeded it. Owens observed that CNN is particularly scoring solidly with its iReport citizen journalism section. Amateur video uploaded during the Japanese quake and tsunami, he noted, generated millions of page views.