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June 16, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Following a ruling by a federal appeals court in New York that approved Cablevision’s plan to allow its subscribers to store and retrieve television shows on its remote servers, Comcast, the nation’s largest cable system, said on Wednesday that it plans to offer a similar “cloud”-based service. Comcast’s Chief Technology Officer Tony Werner told Bloomberg News on Wednesday that the cable giant will begin testing the service in a limited number of markets late this year or early next year. The service would do away with settop DVRs and the problems and expense that go along with servicing them. “We like the idea of a cloud DVR because you can virtually service your customers,” Werner said. “We’ll start to roll it out, see what the response is and go from there.” The service would especially impact online video services like Hulu and Netflix since cable subscribers could opt to record whole seasons of programs on Comcast’s remote servers and retrieve them later.