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Richard Greenfield

by stepping up production of 3D movies with its attendant increase in ticket prices, has published an email from an independent exhibitor who agrees that 3D is already hurting his business. “We have seen lower attendance and reduced concession sales since we [installed 3D] last summer,” the exhibitor, whose name was redacted by Greenfield, says in the email. “We have been telling our booker that we would like to have the option of having both formats on the same screen, just [at] different times. Every time we mention this he laughs and the studios refuse to comply.” Some of his customers, the exhibitor writes, are willing to drive to another theater 20 miles away that has not installed 3D systems. “In addition, the customers that will view a movie in 3D limit their concession spending because they feel they have been taken for a ride on tickets.” Greenfield argues that Hollywood may soon get the message. “If Green Lantern fails to perform in 3D next weekend for Warner Bros, we wonder if they will alter their plans for the final Harry Potter movie (opens July 15th) – with Potter currently slated for a global 3D rollout across all 3D platforms.”