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Gnomeo & Juliet was the top-selling DVD release last week — and also the top rental. A rare Disney animated feature that was produced neither by Disney’s own animation unit nor by its Pixar subsidiary, but by Toronto-based Starz Animation, the film was originally released under Disney’s now-little-used Touchstone Pictures banner, which last released a non-Disney/Pixar animated feature in 1993 — Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas, with stop-motion animation by Henry Selick. Although lacking the impressive detail of Disney and Pixar’s current features, and generally scorned by critics, Gnomeo nevertheless earned almost $100 million domestically and nearly an identical amount overseas after its theatrical bow last February. Another Disney film, I Am Number Four was number two on both the sales and rental charts last week.

  • Guest

    GNOMEO AND JULIET was not neccessarily “generally scorned by critics”. Several important news agencies gave it raves, including Variety, LA Times and The New Yorker. It was 55% ROTTEN on, which means critics were basically split down the middle. 

    Also, at a budget of $78 Million, it was made for less than a 3rd of any Pixar, Disney or Dreamworks animated feature.

  • Lew Irwin

    You’re correct. Sometimes, as in this case, trusting to memory can misfire. In our own summary of the reaction of critics in the major markets, we said, “The reviews aren’t half bad. That is, most are in fact quite good.”

  • Guest

    CORRECTION: At a production budget of $78 Million, GNOMEO AND JULIET was made for roughly HALF the cost of most major animated features, such as TANGLED (Budget $230M), RANGO (Budget $150M) and RIO (Budget $130M).