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June 23, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Chinese pirates selling bootleg copies of American movies online will no longer be able to collect payments for the discs via PayPal, the online payment platform and the Motion Picture Association of America jointly announced today (Thursday). In a joint statement issued at the MPAA’s Singapore office, the companies said that after a three-month-long investigation, they had been able to identify dozens of merchants, most of them based in China, who had been mailing out DVD and Blu-ray copies of pirated movies to customers and using PayPal’s global payment service in violation of its policies. “Our action today sends a strong message to all criminals that PayPal does not tolerate such illegal activity on our global pay platform,” Julie Bainbridge, PayPal’s head of global brand risk management, said in the statement. The MPAA’s Asia head Mike Ellis added: “We are very pleased that this joint operation has resulted in the immediate shutdown of dozens of accounts belonging to copyright infringers, many of whom have been exploiting legitimate platforms for years to sell counterfeit material worldwide.”