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Only 3 percent of cable and satellite subscribers have “cut the cord” and now watch television shows and movies via online streaming or downloading or substitute TV watching with DVD viewing of rented movies from services like Netflix and Redbox, according to a survey by J.D. Power and Associates released today (Thursday). The figure varies by generation, the survey indicated, with 6 percent of those 17-34 saying that they have dropped their cable and satellite services while just 2 percent of those 47-65 say they have done so and just 1 percent of those 66-86. “The predictions of the demise of television subscription service as we know it are clearly premature,” said Frank Perazzini, director of telecommunications at J.D. Power and Associates. “The popularity of services such as Netflix and Redbox is a clear indication that consumers are enjoying the availability of alternative viewing options. However, with 52 percent of television customers reporting that they still watch regularly scheduled programming as it is broadcast, the current model will remain viable for the next two to three years, at a minimum.”