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Jeffrey L. Bewkes

Time Warner chief Jeffrey Bewkes has called for producers of television shows and the cable and broadcast networks that distribute them to make all of their content available online — free. As reported by Multichannel News, Bewkes told the Cable Show 2011 in Chicago, “Put the TV on the Internet. … Don’t change the business model, don’t charge people to use it, and present it in a way that people are accustomed to.” But appearing on the same panel with Bewkes, Viacom chief Philippe Dauman said that before such a plan could be implemented, “we need to have measurement systems in place so we can sell ads.” Meanwhile, Turner Broadcasting, a unit of Time Warner, said Tuesday that its cable networks are seeing their ratings boosted by tens of thousands of viewers who are watching their programs online. Appearing on a panel at an advertising conference in New York, CNN advertising research chief Gregg Liebman said that some shows have seen their viewer totals rise by 10,000. MediaDaily News observed that Turner is currently the only company subscribing to Nielsen’s new “Extended Screen” audience research data.