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Netflix was apparently unprepared for the deluge of telephone calls from disgruntled subscribers when it announced a new pricing plan that requires them to pay $7.99 for a DVD-only plan, $7.99 for a streaming-only plan or $15.98 for both. BTIG Research analyst Richard Greenfield said that he made 35 calls to Netflix customer service and successfully reached a representative only 15 times. One customer service representative told Greenfield that at the time he called her monitor showed that 471 persons were waiting to get through. Greenfield observed that the CSRs “did not appear to have a strategy for addressing customer complaints.” After looking at his usage, one CSR suggested that he switch to the DVR-only plan, while another recommended the streaming-only plan. Yet, another suggested that he alternate his plans — DVR one month, streaming the next. “There was literally no [rhyme] or reason to the responses we got from CSRs, which is surprising, given Netflix’s focus on customer care/service,” he said.