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Gloria Steinem

At the television critics summer press tour, Gloria Steinem, the feminist writer who famously worked as a bunny at the Playboy Club in order to write an article about it, was asked what she thought about NBC’s plans to air a dramatic series based on the goings-on at the Chicago club in the 1960s. “Are they aggrandizing the past in a nostalgic way, or are they really showing the problems of the past in order to show we have come forward? Somehow I think the shows are not doing that,” Steinem said, Steinem finds herself in the company of conservative parents’ groups that have accused the network of promoting pornography by glamorizing the club. Steinem appeared at the TCA tour to promote the upcoming HBO documentary, Gloria: In Her Own Words.

  • Vera

    And is she forming an opinion based on knowledge of the show, or simply spouting off on something she knows nothing about?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you should actually see the show before you criticize it.

  • Goldenmuse

    She may not have seen the show, but she did work at the club first hand and knows something about the conditions and situations that took place there.  Plus she has done a great deal in her lifetime to further the cause of women’s rights, so we as females owe her some respect.

  • Caroline

    Although, her opinions are based on conjecture, they aren’t unfounded. Historically speaking how often have we seen a mainstream network program ” [show] the problems of the past in order to show we have come forward”? More often than not the shows set in the past are done so in a “nostalgic way”, and not meant to instill progress among the masses. You would be naive to argue otherwise.

  • Syd

    There’s an error in the first sentence.  You wrote the word “feminist” instead of the more accurate “man-hating.”

  • Ann Mizzi

    Nobody cares about Steinem’s documentary and even fewer nostalgists can recount her ancient activity. Her intentions are quite ambiguous: crusader or p.r. whore? Women have made significant advances in spite of feminism (and no thanks to Steinem).