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Who would have thought that a movie starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts would flop right out of the gate? But that’s what appears to have happened in the case of Larry Crowne. The movie earned $16.1 million over the July 4th weekend, landing in fourth place, and today’s Hollywood Reporter, citing figures from CinemaScore, the company that conducts exit polling at theaters, observed that only 5 percent of the audience was between the ages of 18 and 24 and just 2 percent was under the age of 18 — the so-called “dating crowd” that ordinarily makes up the majority of moviegoers. In this case, however, 93 percent were over the age of 25 (71 percent over the age of 50). The studio has said that, like other older-skewing movies, it expects this one to slowly build an audience as time goes on. Unlike younger moviegoers, older adults do not ordinarily turn out in masses the day a movie opens. The movie fared no better in the U.K. where it opened with about $500,000. It not only flopped there, Britain’s Guardian newspaper said, it “belly flopped.”