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Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan took to Twitter on Wednesday to denounce those who have accused him of authorizing telephone hacking and using other illegal methods to obtain stories while he was editor of London’s News of the World and the Daily Mail. Calling his critics “liars, druggie ex-bankrupts, and con-men,” Morgan maintained in a statement, “I have never hacked a phone, told anyone to hack a phone, nor to my knowledge published any story obtained from the hacking of a phone.” Morgan’s remarks came after questions were raised about a BBC interview in 2009 in which he said that many unsavory practices used to gain information for British tabloids were “done by third parties.” He then added, “That’s not to defend it, because obviously you were running the results of their work.” A British blogger also referred to an article Morgan wrote for the Daily Mail in 2006 in which he referred to listening to a phone message left by Paul McCartney for Heather Mills. “It was heartbreaking,” Morgan wrote at the time.