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Paramount decided not to show critics a “surprise” sequence tacked on to the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger following the closing credits but did show it at certain sneak screenings on Sunday. The result is that critics are indignant, and the secret sequence has popped up online. observed today (Monday) that “journalists and critics aren’t likely to pirate films, especially during monitored screenings on a studio lot; it is an honor system, after all — the press trusts studios to provide access to their product, and studios trust the press to cover fairly and not spoil their films.” But already some reviews by non-journalists who attended the public screenings have popped up online, several including spoilers. Although one review on a blog called includes this postscript: “Make sure you stay through the credits. usually they do things that really isn’t [sic] worth staying after, or they show something really dumb, but at this movie? Hahaha, well … you’ll just have to see for yourself.”