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Rupert Murdoch

In an extraordinary defense of the Murdoch media empire, the News Corp-owned Wall Street Journal editorialized today (Monday): “Phone-hacking is illegal, and it is up to British authorities to enforce their laws. If Scotland Yard failed to do so adequately when the hacking was first uncovered several years ago, then that is more troubling than the hacking itself.” The editorial went on to voice its continued support and admiration for Les Hinton, who resigned as publisher and CEO of Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal on Friday. “On ethical questions, his judgment was as sound as that of any editor we’ve had.” Moreover, the editorial observed, while other newspapers have been cost-cutting and downsizing, News Corp “has invested in the product.” Finally, the editorial took a swipe at the paper’s previous owners, the Bancroft family, who said last week that they would not have sold the newspaper had they been aware of the telephone hacking in the U.K. Saying that they “take the prize for righteous hindsight,” the editorial observed: “At the end of their ownership their appetite for dividends meant that little cash remained to invest in journalism. We shudder to think what the Journal would look like today without the sale to News Corp.”