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Despite unleashing a storm of criticism when it said that it is considering airing messages from foundations and corporate sponsors within its programs instead of at the beginning and end as it does now, PBS has not abandoned the proposed change, PBS chief Paula Kerger said Saturday. Speaking to the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills, Kerger indicated that the plan has undergone “a little bit of dial testing” among focus groups at the Nielsen Media Research center in Las Vegas, but she did not disclose the results. “We wouldn’t make a change without properly vetting all this,” Kerger said. PBS has previously indicated that it may alter the way it presents sponsor messages after earlier focus-group tests indicated that viewers tend to switch stations when the opening block of ads, which can often run several minutes, appears. “We’ve had the same structure for 40 years,” she told the TCA. “It’s worth asking, is this the best way to present programming?”