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NBC’s upcoming The Playboy Club is not nearly so controversial as its critics say it is, the show’s producers maintained on Monday. Responding to claims by the conservativeParents Television Council that the series promotes pornography and by feminists that it objectifies women, executive producer Ian Biederman said that the Playboy Bunnies appearing in the series will be depicted as intelligent women who went to school, bought houses and otherwise used the resources they accumulated at the Club. Marketing chief Adam Stotsky compared the show with Desperate Housewives. Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, said that only KSL, the Mormon-owned TV station in Salt Lake City, is refusing to air the drama and that he was not surprised by its decision. “That brand name is polarizing,” he said. “That station does not program Saturday Night Live.” He added, “What I think it has going for it is a recognizable brand that’s automatically going to draw attention to it, good or bad. It’s the right kind of thing for us to try.”