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President Obama today (Friday) urged Americans to take the threat of Hurricane Irene “seriously.” Certainly the broadcast networks and the cable news networks are, as well as local stations on the East Coast in cities that are likely to feel the brunt of the storm. (In fact, in New York City Thursday night, all three network-owned stations delayed network evening newscasts for local coverage of hurricane preparations.) Weekend sports coverage is especially likely to be disrupted. There was talk of the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles playing a double header tonight (Friday) in case one or more of their weekend games have to be canceled because of the weather. But the Orioles reportedly scuttled that plan. (There was further talk about the possibility that MLB might order the double header, but there was no decision on that count as of this writing.) A preseason football game between the Giants and Jets scheduled for Saturday hasn’t been called off — but it’s likely that the game will be played in a downpour. Cable news networks canceled coverage of Sunday’s scheduled dedication of the Martin Luther King memorial in Washington. The Weather Channel said that it had sent meteorologists and camera crews to key points along the hurricane’s path from the Carolinas to New York City. Likewise, ABC, NBC, and CBS have all mobilized reporters and anchors — who ordinarily would have had the weekend off — for hurricane duty.