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A rerun of CBS’s <em>NCIS </em>placed first in the ratings among total adults last week, edging out the usual weekly winner during the summer, NBC’s <em>America’s Got Talent.</em> The Tuesday edition of the talent contest came in second, while Wednesday’s came in third. Among the evening newscasts, the race between the two leaders remained close, with <em>NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams</em> retaining the lead with 7.7 million viewers and <em>ABC World News with Diane Sawyer </em>staying close behind with 7.3 million. As usual, <em>CBS Evening News with Scott Peley </em>placed a distant third with 5.3 million viewers. For the week once again dominated with an average 4.1 rating and a 7 share. The other three networks virtually tied for second place, with ABC slightly ahead with an average 2.9 rating and a 5 share and 4.7 million viewers. NBC also recorded a 2.9/5 with 4.6 million viewers, just ahead of Fox with a 2.8/5 and 4.7 million viewers. Fox, however, remained the clear winner among the key demographic group of 18-49-year-olds. <P><B>The top ten shows of the week according to Nielsen Research:</B><BR>1. <em>NCIS,</em> CBS, 6.7/11; 2. <em>America’s Got Talent</em> (Tuesday), NBC, 6.6/11; 3. <em>America’s Got Talent</em> (Wednesday), NBC, 5.7/9 4. <em>60 Minutes</em>, CBS, 5.4/9; 5. <em>NCIS: Los Angeles</em>, CBS, 5.3/8; 6. <em>CSI: Crime Scene Investigation</em>, CBS, 4.8/8; 7. <em>Bachelor Pad</em>, ABC, 4.6/8; 8. <em>Big Brother 13</em> (Wednesday), CBS, 4.5/8; 9. <em>Big Brother 13</em> (Sunday), CBS, 4.4/7; 10. <em>Big Brother 13</em> (Thursday), CBS, 4.3/7; 10. <em>The Mentalist</em> (Tuesday), CBS, 4.3/7.