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Fox’s decision to make users of the free version of Hulu wait eight days before they can watch its shows on the video website has apparently backfired — sending them to pirate sites, according to, which tracks BitTorrent usage. The website, which said it saw a drastic decrease of TV-show piracy after the introduction of Hulu, reported on Monday that a surge of illegal downloading of the Fox shows Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef. In the case of Hell’s Kitchen illegal downloads increased 114 percent; for Master Chef, 189 percent. Several of the illegal downloaders posted messages of thanks. Torrent Freak cited one of them: “You so rock and allowed me to keep my promise to my son. I promised if he cleaned for one hour he could watch Hell’s Kitchen with me. He was excited and then disappointed that we couldn’t watch it on Hulu or … Thanks a lot for uploading these, Hulu used to be my go-to but alas, they have failed me.”