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August 4, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Time Warner chief Jeff Bewkes, a hold-out when it comes to putting Warner Bros. movies and TV shows online, said on Wednesday that he is now ready to discuss licensing them to video sites. “We’re already selling some product to Netflix, and we have ongoing discussions with all of the digital outlets,” Bewkes said during a conference call to discuss the company’s second-quarter results. In the past, he has subscribed to former NBC chief Jeff Zucker’s mantra that analog dollars should not be sacrificed for digital pennies; he has therefore been unwilling to undermine the value of its film library, especially given the fact that one of the principal buyers for it is HBO, which Time Warner also owns. In an interview with today’s (Thursday) New York Post, UBS entertainment analyst John Janedis said that it is inevitable that Time Warner will be making deals with video websites. “When you have a library the size of Warner it’s pretty clear that something is going to get done,” he said.. “It’s a matter of when, not if.” Bewkes also said on Wednesday that Warner Bros. plans to launch a program that will allow anyone buying its movies to access them on its cloud-based UltraViolet site. “We believe this could fundamentally change how people manage and watch their movie collection,” Bewkes said.