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August 18, 2011 by · 4 Comments 

Sony Pictures Classics, which had to compete with summer blockbusters to line up theater screens for Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, plans to “re-expand” the movie into around 1,000 theaters on August 26. (It is currently still playing in about 250 theaters.) The film, which has grossed about $50 million domestically, received much critical praise and solid word of mouth to help make it Allen’s highest-grossing film ever. SPC co-president Tom Bernard explained to the Los Angeles Times why the studio was bringing the movie back to theaters that had given it short shrift earlier: “We felt it would be a great way to go out at the end of the summer with a campaign that says, ‘It’s your last chance. See the movie for a second time and bring a friend to Paris.'” Bernard also indicated that the relaunch may be part of the studio’s campaign to push the movie for Oscar nominations. “We have an awards plan in the works for a lot of the categories, including Best Picture,” he said.