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William Shatner, on his YouTube channel,, has posted a three-minute video in which the former Captain Kirk of Star Trek rails against all things Star Wars. “The television show [Star Trek] was more humane … than Star Wars,” he tells daughter Liz, who interviews him. “Star Trek had relationships and conflict among the relationships and stories that involved humanity and philosophical questions which were dramatized.” On the other hand, he scoffs, “Star Wars was special effects — was ILM [George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic effects house] at its best.” Later, he begins a sentence by saying, “Our special effects, as good as they were …” and then trails off into laughter. In a related matter, the release of the $140 Blu-ray package, Star Wars: The Complete Saga, has turned out to be the highest-grossing Blu-ray release ever. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment said on Thursday that the nine-disc set has earned $84 million globally during its first week, with 515,000 copies sold in North America alone.