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Following an investigation by the Chicago Tribune, Fox Sports on Monday admitted that it had concocted headlines about Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler that it claimed were the “actual” ones that had appeared in Chicago newspapers. Three of them: “Cutler Leaves With Injury,” “Cutler Lacks Courage,” and “Cutler’s No Leader.” In its report, the Tribune had said, “The whole production rang false to us. The headlines didn’t look real. The language used in them was off. And since we know that most Chicago media had defended Cutler, we looked into it. We searched throughout Illinois newspapers for those headlines — Tribune, Sun-Times, Daily Herald, every other paper in the state. What did we find? Nothing. In fact, we could not find any such headlines in any newspaper in the United States.” On Sunday, during a pregame show, Fox Sports’s Curt Menefee described the headlines as “an incorrect graphic” and admitted that the headlines were not factual. “Fox Sports regrets this mistake and apologizes to Cutler, the Chicago Bears organization and everyone involved,” he said.