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September 13, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

He’s calling it GBTV, for Glenn Beck Television, but Beck’s new two-hour program is not being aired on conventional television. It’s being streamed over the Internet, and BTG media analyst Richard Greenfield predicted on Monday that it is about “to turn the media world upside down.” The launch of the program marked what Greenfield called “a watershed day for the media/television industry,” as Beck presented a program that offered what Greenfield described as “a great viewing experience” whether one watched on a conventional TV set via an Internet-connected settop box or on an iPad or iPhone via a free app. In a note to clients, Greenfield advised: “You should be signing up for a free trial right now regardless of whether you love or hate Glenn Beck’s views.” Beck offers tWo classes of subscription, one for $9.95 per month (including many “extras”); the other for $4.95 per month (just the two-hour daily broadcast). GBTV has already signed up nearly 250,000 subscribers, according to Greenfield. “Assuming 80 percent of the GBTV subs are at $9.95/month, GBTV’s subscriber fees are already around a $27 million” a year Greenfield estimates. (Beck was reportedly earning $2.5 million annually at Fox News.) Another revenue stream should come from advertisers, he noted. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Beck said, “I think networks are a thing of the past. … Technology has allowed people to change the way they consume the news, and we want to be where people are going.”