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Ben Shapiro

Jane Lynch, who hosted Sunday night’s Emmy awards — and received mostly positive notices — is likely to find herself in a political windstorm as her character on Fox’s Glee, the PE teacher Sue Sylvester, runs for Congress on an ultra-right-wing platform. “This is unbelievably typical of Glee, which has become the most subversive show in the history of network television,” conservative author Ben Shapiro (Primetime Propaganda) told the London Independent. “They are using Sylvester’s character to mirror the rhetoric and policies of Michele Bachmann. When conservatives watch this show, it will be clear that the creators hate our guts.” But Glee creator Ryan Murphy told the newspaper that in the forthcoming episodes, Lynch’s character establishes her own party, the Sue Sylvester American Liberty party. “She runs against both Republicans and Democrats. So to be clear, it’s not a Tea Party thing: she hates everybody.”