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Apollo 18

Apollo 18 is sort of a Blair Witch Project on the moon. Critics didn’t much care for Blair Witch Project, either, giving it barely a passing grade. That’s mostly the case with the moon movie. Robert Abele in the Los Angeles Times described it as “a low-key and unassuming film of rising tension rather than big scares or wild shocks.” Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune, while noting that the film “contains only a wee handful of surprises,” nevertheless wrote that it amounts to “a break from the usual hyperbolic, down-your-throat brand of silly and derivative scare movies.” Joel Brown in he Boston Globe called it “a low-budget thriller built on creative spare parts. … For most horror fans it will be kind of a snooze.” Mike Hale in the New York Times did commend the filmmakers for recreating “the grainy, jumpy images that were miraculously beamed back to terrestrial televisions during the Apollo flights,” but remarked that in the end, “All we get is the low-level tension of strange noises, flickering lights and shock cuts; when the monsters appear, they’re so sketchy, whether by design or from lack of budget, that you can’t believe you’ve waited around to see them.”