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MoviePass, the company that wants to be to theaters what Netflix is to home video, is back in business again. The company had planned to launch a test of its subscription-based ticketing service in San Francisco last June, and it reportedly signed up about 30,000 people willing to pay $50 a month to watch an unlimited number of movies in theaters. All it needed was the co-operation of the city’s theater chains — and that was not forthcoming. MoviePass co-founder Stacy Spikes told today’s (Thursday) San Francisco Chronicle that the action of the chains “caught everyone off guard.” Now, MoviePass has a new partner, Hollywood Movie Money, a company that has been handling discount vouchers for movie theaters for 25 years. The plan is to allow MoviePass subscribers to print out Hollywood Movie Money vouchers on their computers and bring them to the theater. The announcement of the deal between MoviePass and Hollywood Movie Money failed to spell out an important detail: If most of the subscribers are frequent moviegoers, how will the partnered companies make money?