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Hank Williams Jr., who issued an unapologetic statement following ESPN’s decision to yank his “Are You Ready for Football?” opener from Monday night’s NFL telecast after he compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler, issued a follow-up statement late Tuesday that he took pains to point out was “Not written by some Publicist.” With words in the statement randomly capitalized, the singer admitted that he had made “a Dumb statement” and that he was “very Sorry if it Offended anyone.” He added, “I would like to Thank all my supporters.”’s White House correspondent, Tommy Christopher, may not be a Williams supporter, but he did come to his defense on Tuesday, remarking, “We don’t pay Hank Williams Jr. for his political analyses. … We pay him to get us Ready For Some Football!!! … I don’t know that much about him, but judging by the fact that the only other song of his that I know celebrates alcohol and tobacco use, I bet this isn’t anywhere near the worst thing he’s ever said. If ESPN really gave a good crap about what Hank said, they could have devoted a few minutes of the broadcast to a discussion of it, and they could have even offered Hank the chance to fall on his steel guitar and abjectly apologize. What good, exactly, did pulling the song do?” Williams had objected to watching the president playing golf with Confressman John Boehner (“like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu,” he said), but Christopher observed, “Sports themselves have always provided common ground, and a common language, that builds bridges between people with disparate beliefs and experiences. They unite us, and it is a mistake to contaminate them with the politics that divide us.” On Comedy Central Jon Stewart remarked. “When he says something down-home and gritty … that’s what he’s there for! … He’s got a song about how things would be better if the South had won!”