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Terry Jones, the Monty Python member who directed The Life of Brian, has weighed in on the controversy surrounding an upcoming BBC drama about the political and religious storm that greeted the 1979 film. While other Pythons have criticized the drama, titled Holy Flying Circus, as inaccurate and “made up,” Jones said that he thought the program “is very funny, but it’s a mix of fantasy and reality.” In an interview with the BBC magazine Radio Times, Jones said that given the religious fervor that exists in the U.K. and the U.S. these days, he doubts that The Life of Brian could have been produced in 2011. “I took the view [in 1979 that] it wasn’t blasphemous. It was heretical because it criticized the structure of the church and the way it interpreted the Gospels,” Jones told the magazine. “At the time religion seemed to be on the back burner and it felt like kicking a dead donkey. It has come back with a vengeance and we’d think twice about making it now.” And certainly, he indicated, they would not make a film that treated Muslims similarly. “I suppose people would be frightened,” he said. Holy Flying Circus is due to air on the BBC on October 19.