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In what is being billed as “the most nuanced and complex view about the [9/11] terror attacks from the American Muslim perspective ever seen on television,” TLC’s All-American Muslim series — targeted by some far-right and fundamentalist groups — on Sunday will explore the direct impact on the lives of Muslim families in Dearborn, MI in the decade since the attacks. Commenting on the episode, titled “The Day the World Changed,” the Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson, president of Auburn Seminary in New York, said that it reveals “the pain and suffering [Muslim Americans] have endured, not just once, but twice. … The first time because terrorists attacked their country on 9/11 and the second time because some fellow Americans turned on them, simply because of their religion, which is absolutely unacceptable.” And in an article published by the North Country Gazette in upstate New York, Charles C. Haynes, director of the Religious Freedom Education Project at Washington’s Newseum, called the decision of the Lowe’s home-improvement chain and the Kayak travel site to pull their commercials from the program the climax of the “story of the year — anti-Muslim bigotry in America. In 2011, the anti-Muslim narrative migrated from the right-wing fringe into the mainstream. It’s gone so far that even an innocuous television show created to fight stereotypes loses a sponsor because it doesn’t portray the very stereotypes it attempts to dispel.”

  • Dadashark

    Immagination has become more important than reason.  That is why the reatest insult one can receive today is ‘he has no immagination”.  We immagine peace as we watch New York City and Washington DC being bombed by our enemies.  We immagine that we can have peace if we just dialogue with those who hate us and find out what they want.  If they want us dead because we dont share their religous beliefe,  can we negotiate?  How about if we kill you to kill 50% of us?  How about if we make our courts abide by your religous laws?  Nancy Polosi chanted beatles lines such as “give peace a chance” and “Immgine Peace” as President forced Iraq to retreat from Kuwaite.  We signed a cease fire agreement with Sadam and when he failed for 8 years to honor the agreement they called in a “2nd war”   “where are the WDM” they chanted?   Ask the Kurds if Sadaam had WDM…Ask his dead son in law who was killed becaue he reported that Sadaam was building WDM…oh thats right ;you cant. 

  • Connor

    Has everyone forgotten that a Muslims main goal is to kill everyone who’s not a muslim?

  • Lew Irwin

    As the editor of Studio Briefing and the moderator of this blog, I have attempted to encourage forthright discussions about issues affecting the broadcast and motion picture industries. But I have been appalled at the racist, xenophobic and flat-out ignorant remarks attached to the items we have run here about TLC’s “All-American Muslim.” Some have been so virulent and detestable that I have felt obliged to remove them. What is especially upsetting is that there has been virtually no response to these remarks from sensible readers. (The silent majority, indeed!) Lacking that feedback, I feel it necessary to add my own opinion to the posts.

    There are an estimated 2.7 million Muslims living in the U.S. Some of their families have lived here for generations; many others are recent converts. Historically most of them have backed the Republican Party and they supported the first Gulf War. They include the late Ahmet Ertegun, the founder of Atlantic Records, comedian Dave Chappelle, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Congressman Keith Ellison, Nobel Prize-winning chemist Ahmed Zewail, athletes Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Newsweek’s Fareed Zakaria. Of course there can be no denying that some extremists exist among them as well, but they can be found in proportionately small numbers among the larger society, too. Timothy McVeigh was not a Muslim. Neither, of course, are Christian fundamentalists who advocate murdering doctors who do not hold their beliefs about abortion. In the first decade of the 20th century a handful
    of labor-union terrorists carried out hundreds of bombings across the
    country, including the bombing of the Los Angeles Times that killed at
    least 20 persons. Overseas, a tiny band of jingoist teenagers assassinated
    the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, an act that touched off the First World War.

    The argument that the war in Iraq was justified because extremist Muslims
    attacked the U.S. makes absolutely no sense. Nor does the argument that we
    cannot negotiate with our enemies. One of the things that the aftermath of
    the war in Iraq revealed was that Saddam Hussein did indeed destroy the
    chemical weapons that he had been developing — as he had agreed. More
    significantly, it was the decision by President Nixon and Secretary of
    State Kissinger to open trade negotiations with the Chinese — our sworn
    enemies at the time — that ultimately so enriched China that we were able
    to borrow hundreds of billions of dollars from them so that we could wage
    war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The interest alone on our debt to
    the Chinese could pay for hundreds of educational, medical, and cultural
    programs that we have been forced to abandon because of our weakened

    Of course, Saddam was a Muslim, but so were most of the Kurds that he
    attacked. So were the Iranians, who were also his enemy. So were the
    Kuwaitis. So was Osama bin Ladin. Muslims come in all shapes and sizes, and
    the Lebanese Americans in Dearborn, Michigan who appear in All-American
    Muslim have little in common with the handful of brainwashed Arab
    extremists who are willing to blow themselves up to carry out what they
    believe is the will of Allah. But were they any less brainwashed than the
    hateful, clueless souls who haven’t learned to spell beyond the level of
    third-graders, who have contributed to these posts and who also believe in
    killing and dying in the name of patriotic glory?

    Clearly, however, they have an outsized influence on the silent rest of us.

    = Lew Irwin